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I grew up in the UK and worked with my father, a master plasterer, for several years. I learned the construction business in general, but specifically learned from fireplace contractors to understand the workings of fireplaces and ways of transforming dysfunctional fireplaces into fully working ones, capable of giving out the most heat. I also learned masonry as a main trade, with stone work my base.

I started my own business in the UK around 1978, mostly working on masonry maintenance projects around the colleges of Oxford, England. I also did lots of maintenance work for Telecom and the Post Office until 1995, when we moved to the USA. I originally moved to Stayton, near Salem Oregon. Masonry was not my first job, however. First I tried the real estate business and did not like it. Then I got my contractor’s license in 1996-97.

I worked for a stone masonry construction company around Portland to learn the different types of stone. After two years I eventually moved near Oregon City and started working for myself on weekends and whenever possible. I have lived and worked in this area since that time, and I am proud to provide the residents of the Northwest and Oregon masonry work that will enhance the beauty of their homes. Contact our fireplace contractors today with any questions or problems.

Oregon Masonry Specialist Cliff Townsend

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